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Resolution Washington is a state-wide association of Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs).  There are currently 20 Dispute Resolution Centers operating in the cities and counties of Washington StateLearn more



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Over the last few decades, our DRCs have been the leading trainers of mediators in Washington State. 
Our DRCs offer basic mediation training, conciliation training, and a wide variety of specialized training in areas such as domestic relations mediation and group facilitation. DRCs also offer on-going education to our volunteer mediators, including in-services, newsletters, and other resources.  Check your local DRC to see what specific trainings exist.


In addition to trainings, our DRCs offer practicums – apprenticeship programs for trainees to get hands-on experience in mediation.  In our practicums, trainees start with a series of mediation observations, and then continue with a series of co-mediations with mentor mediators. While practicums have some variation in requirements, Resolution WA has established statewide standards for both the basic mediation training and the practicum to insure a high quality educational experience.  

Our DRCs have been instrumental in setting the standards for mediation training and practice in the state of Washington.  The Washington Mediation Association recognizes the value of our practicums in their mediator certification process.  Applicants for certification with WMA who have completed an approved DRC practicum need to show only 60 hours of mediation experience, as opposed to a requirement of 200 hours for those who have not.

ResolutionWA continues to be a vital collaboration network for DRCs to share information, promote best practices, and continually refine our high quality training in an on-going effort to advance the field of mediation.
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