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The ERPP – Data and Impact

Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs) statewide directly served more than 170,919 tenants and landlords through the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program.

DRC’s helped renters and landlords decide for themselves how to resolve disputes based on their own financial, legal, and personal needs and connected them with legal aid and rental assistance. The ERPP ended by state statute as of July 1, 2023.

During the ERPP Nov 2021 - May 2023:


78,102 cases were closed and completed

73% of closed cases reached agreements 

94% of cases preserved tenancy*

(*when outcomes are known)

The ERPP Supported Stable Housing and Access to Justice

The ERPP brought tenants with rent owed and landlords together to try to resolve issues by accessing mediation, resources and legal aid before eviction cases were filed in court. ERPP services were offered for free and regardless of immigration status.


Working with a trained eviction resolution specialist at DRCs, thousands of renters and landlords decided how to resolve disputes based on their own financial, legal, and personal needs. The landlord and tenant were supported to access rental assistance to repay the rent owed, work out a plan for the tenant to pay the rent owed over time, or create a plan to move out without court action.


The ERPP process supported housing stability for all Washingtonians as a program that:

  • was trauma-informed and equity-based

  • was served by highly trained, impartial dispute resolution specialists and mediators

  • encouraged joint problem-solving

  • reduced conflict in our communities and encouraged mutual understanding

  • provided skills and perspective to participants, regardless of resolution

  • provided access to justice outside of court 

  • supported a reduction in eviction dockets at a time of high demand on court resources after the statewide and various local eviction moratoriums lifted 

  • answered the call from our state to help stabilizing housing during the pandemic along with rental assistance and legal resources supported by the state

“Without (the ERPP) we would have become homeless and unable to get ahead with our bills.”

- Tenant who participated in the ERPP

“The ERPP process and opportunity to mediate with our tenant saved us time and thousands of dollars in court costs.”

- Property manager who participated in the ERPP

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