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Restorative Practices

Each Dispute Resolution Center offers programs tailored to meet their community's specific needs. All local DRCs provide a wide range of services for individuals and organizations. Since 1984 DRCs have served Washington communities and agencies with a focus on mediation, mediator training and certification, facilitation, collaborative programming, and public education.

What we offer

3 Tiers of Restorative practices: Intensive, Targeted, and Universal

We partner with schools to create change over time and address immediate needs as they emerge.

Prevention | Support | Resolution

We offer a continuum of services based on trauma-informed approaches that emphasize the importance of positive relationships in building community and academic performance. These processes are adaptive, culturally sensitive, and useful to both proactively build community, and responsively address harm.

Restorative Practices:

  • Improve classroom climate and behavior;

  • Reduce out of school suspension;

  • Reduce disproportionate discipline;

  • Enhance school-wide success, increasing capacity to handle difficult situations; and

  • Shift school culture

We offer supports that include training, consultation, and direct services, such as coaching a school-based implementation team comprised of youth, parents, educators, and administrators. Enhancing school-wide success, increasing capacity to handle difficult situations, and shifting school culture is a multi-year process.

Your local DRC is available to support the school community through the delivery of proven trauma-informed services. We provide professional development training, consult with administrators, facilitate school-community dialogue, and address elevated situations using these foundations. 

3 Tiers of Restorative practices: Intensive, Targeted, Universal

Find your local resource

Grays Harbor

Stronger Together is a restorative, community based program for teens 12+ and their connected adults. Once a month during the school year, we gather around topics of importance to our community, such as online learning, self care, positive mental outlooks, share information and resources and create a space for learning from one another. 

Thurston County

Supporting kids and youth as well as parents and schools, in  building skills to foster dialogue, deepen understanding, and repair relationships. Training in Restorative Practices and in Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills.

Six Rivers DRC

Six Rivers provides ultimate customization through analysis of your conflict resolution style, preferences and challenges, one on one consultation and plan development.

King County DRC

Restorative Practices program with Showalter Middle School, Veterans and Seniors Human Services Levy, and circle keeping training in communities, workplaces, and residences.

Whatcom DRC

Provides custom training, consultation, as well as direct facilitation and support for schools, organizations, and community members.

Yakima DRC

Training and coaching to our local K-12 systems in addition to services to low- and high-risk youth in partnership with Yakima Juvenile Court. Diversion programs, victim-offender mediation, and trauma-informed mental health intervention. 

Wenatchee Valley DRC

Professional Circle Keeper training with learning and practice of circle keeping essentials, structure, and process.  Options for addressing the diverse needs of families, youth, and communities in Chelan and Douglas counties are developed on a case-by-case basis.    

Peninsula DRC

Youth services through Conflict Resolution through Literature, We're In This Together (WITT), and Restorative Justice. Additional group facilitation services and customized training for organizations and businesses.

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