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Dispute Resolution in Housing

Washington’s Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs) have been supporting people’s housing stability and equity statewide for 37 years. DRCs offer mediation and conflict resolution to navigate many types of housing issues outside of court.


With the close of the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP) on July 1, 2023 housing stability services offered by local DRCs may vary. These services are voluntary– housing providers and renters can choose to participate or not.


Check with your local DRC about what is available in your region to help you navigate and resolve conflicts around housing.


DRCs help homeowners, landlords and tenants, and neighbors to talk, access resources, and solve issues between them including connecting them with legal assistance.

Each regional Center’s services may differ depending on the need in the local community. Services are confidential and affordable or free. Housing services provided by some DRCs include:


  • Rental housing mediation on rent-owed and other issues that help tenants maintain their housing and landlords keep tenants. This includes direct referrals to legal services and fair housing agencies.

  • Neighbor-to-neighbor conflict mediation and conflict resolution addressing housing problems and disputes.

  • Help for tenants to improve qualifications and housing opportunities, including renter certification. 

  • Apartment and multi-family neighbor dispute mediation, in partnership with the landlord or property management. Some past facilitations include supporting LGBTQ+ communities with safety plans and supporting violence and drug activity reduction programs at multi-family housing.

  • Conflict resolution training for housing professionals, service providers, and  foreclosure mediators.

  • Community engagement and facilitation of large public engagement meetings on topics such as homelessness shelter planning and civility projects.


Commitment to Equity and Access to Justice  

Resolution Washington recognizes that people of color and other underserved community members are disproportionately impacted in housing challenges. The DRCs’ role is to provide services with a focus on helping people create solutions that work for them and providing access to justice for Washington residents statewide.


Resolution Washington is committed to equal justice for all marginalized community members and supports people of color and low-income residents in having access to equitable opportunities statewide. DRC certified mediators complete training in equity and addressing power imbalances between participants.

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