Healthy relationships form the backbone of our businesses and communities


Resolution Washington’s DRCs are focused on helping individuals and organizations resolve conflicts from a position of strength and authenticity. Together, we’ve developed services and tools to help people become more confident and effective at communicating and managing conflicts.

We are a state-approved vendor and currently provide mediation and facilitation services through two contracts with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services.

Why choose a Resolution Washington DRC?

  • We are experienced—we’ve mediated a wide range of conflicts for over 30 years

  • We are affordable

  • We are local

  • We are agile—we can meet your needs quickly


Services for individuals



Mediators are unbiased, neutral third parties, who guide people in dispute through a structured negotiation process to resolve conflicts. Mediators provide a safe, neutral environment and promote effective communication.


DRCs offer basic and specialized mediation training programs and practicums. We also offer training on effective communication skills, working with challenging behaviors, and group facilitation, as well as specialized workshops to help increase your effectiveness at conflict management.

Volunteer opportunities

DRCs provide ongoing opportunities for individuals who want to make a difference in their communities. We rely on volunteers to serve as mediators, conciliators, facilitators, board members, etc. as well as to support the ongoing operations at local Washington DRCs.

Support for organizations


Many different businesses and organizations—large or small—can benefit from the services provided by Resolution Washington DRCs:

  • State agencies, boards and commissions

  • Community colleges, colleges and universities

  • Local government agencies

  • Offices of elected officials

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Washington State tribal entities

  • Small businesses

  • Corporations


DRCs offer more than mediation


Your local DRC can provide consultations and assessments where mediators meet with key staff to help determine the most beneficial strategies for your organization. We’ll provide problem-solving ideas and coaching to help you address conflicts on your own, or face-to-face mediations between individuals or teams.



DRCs help organizations run productive meetings through effective dialogue and clear communication. Our trained, neutral facilitators can help design and facilitate meetings so your organization or business can achieve the results you need. Facilitations include:

  • General meeting facilitation for teams and committees

  • Consensus facilitation

  • Strategic planning

  • Retreats

  • Project planning

  • Community conversations and dialogues

  • Public policy matters

Custom training


DRCs can deliver custom trainings designed to meet your organization’s needs. We can create trainings for conflict resolution, conflict management, team building, understanding styles of conflict, effective communication, and reaching consensus.

Mediation and facilitation available under Master Contracts with Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES)


The DRC of Thurston County is the chief administrator for all DRCs offering mediation services through DES Master Contract #04215, and facilitation services through DES Master Contract #05814.

Read more about the DES Contracts, or call (360) 956-1155 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or email

Agencies eligible for mediation and facilitation services under the master DES contracts include:

  • State agencies

  • State boards

  • State commissions

  • Higher education institutions

  • Offices of separate elected officials

  • Local government agencies

  • Washington tribal entities

  • Public benefit non-profits