Disney Characters Conflict Teaches Teens Root of Conflicts

Prince Gaston and Beauty are locked in an on-going conflict about marriage. He wants her to marry him, she doesn’t want to marry him. CMS staff was using The Beauty and the Beast to teach youth in a peer mediation class about the root causes of conflict. “What do they each value?” students were asked. “She loves peace, beauty and creativity,” one student answers. “And he loves hunting, fighting, and competition.” “So, what is at the root of their conflict?” Young minds percolated. “Oh, they have different values!” And thus began the teens’ lifelong journey to becoming skillful mediators, learning how to help people communicate differences respectfully, learning to accept each other across lines of division.

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Why DRC mediation?

DRCs reduce the burdens of the courts, saving taxpayers money, and increasing access to justice for traditionally underserved populations. In 2019 DRCs mediated 5,070 cases, successfully settling 64% of them. 90% of clients reported mediation improved their situation.

Annually DRCs appropriate over $2 million worth of volunteer hours, directly serve over 55,000 people, indirectly serve 200,000 people whose lives are positively affected by mediation and other services and reach out to over 7 million Washington residents.

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