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ERPP helps families navigate COVID-19 impacts

Many families have been coping with unemployment, reduced hours, illness in the family, and other impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic that hit lower-income individuals particularly hard.

Here are just a few of the people supported through the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program:

A single parent with two children lost his job due to COVID-19. Through the ERPP, he was able to access rental assistance and focus on finding part time work and going back to college for future career opportunities.

Two daughters were financially caring for their parents, but both had hours cut from their jobs due to the pandemic. They struggled and fell behind on rent. They were referred to the ERPP and a Dispute Resolution Center helped them access rental assistance so their parents could stay in their home.

A landlord was aware of some of the struggles his tenants had during the pandemic and wanted to find resources and help relieve their stress while stabilizing his own finances. He referred his tenant to the ERPP, opening communication between them and working out a plan to weather the pandemic together.

A client worked in health care and got sick from COVID-19. She began to fall behind in rent and didn’t want to ask for help. The ERPP connected her with her landlord to discuss the situation, together they worked through the application for rent assistance to help her for a few months while she recovered.

A single parent of two young children lost both of her jobs when they were shut down due to COVID-19. She was trying hard to find a new job but found this difficult with her two young children at home. The ERPP helped her access rental assistance and communicate with her landlord. She now has a new job and is back on track without large debt over her family’s future.

A multi-generational family’s rent was three months past due, and their financial troubles were putting them in a position to be evicted. Ineligible for rental assistance because of their combined income, they agreed to conciliation services provided by ERPP. The family and the property manager made a repayment agreement and avoided eviction.


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