Kudos for mediation services

Mediation services offered by the Wenatchee Valley DRC (WVDRC) successfully resolved challenging issues surrounding a difficult divorce.

A marriage in trouble

After 30 years of marriage Paula Krasowski knew that it was time to move on. For many years she’d felt maligned in her relationship with her husband. “I will tell you that in the years that I was married, I never felt like I was heard,” Paula said.

Referral leads to mediation

Paula received a referral to WVDRC from the Volunteer Attorney Services (VAS) after being told that mediation could help her. “I followed through with the referral with some trepidation,” Paula said, “because of my feelings of being maligned for many years.” But Paula knew she needed assistance to move forward with the dissolution her marriage.

Finding a voice through mediation

WVDRC mediators met with Paula separately from her husband and devoted many sessions to help her find her voice, feel empowered, and move forward with her life. Paula said, “I could not have accomplished this process without their help.”

After completing the initial paperwork for the divorce, Paula returned to VAS to get their review of the divorce documents. The attorney she spoke with offered a suggestion regarding her adult daughter who is disabled. Paula took that suggestion back to the mediation table and the following sessions helped her gain assurance that both she AND her daughter would be okay.

“I now feel that I have a voice to speak, tools to communicate effectively, and the ability to move forward,” Paula said proudly, “I would recommend mediation to others in the community without reservation.”

Get help today!

For support and assistance with challenging personal issues, the Wenatchee Valley DRC is here to help. Call us at (509) 888-0957.

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Why DRC mediation?

DRCs reduce the burdens of the courts, saving taxpayers money, and increasing access to justice for traditionally underserved populations. In 2019 DRCs mediated 5,070 cases, successfully settling 64% of them. 90% of clients reported mediation improved their situation.

Annually DRCs appropriate over $2 million worth of volunteer hours, directly serve over 55,000 people, indirectly serve 200,000 people whose lives are positively affected by mediation and other services and reach out to over 7 million Washington residents.

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